The Other Budapest

Alternative walking tours through the essential sights of Budapest or off the beaten track, guided by  an Italian expat in love with Budapest, the largest, most fascinating and most truly cosmopolitan capital city in Eastern Europe.

la budapest comunista e della guerra freddaAs well as history and art, the tour includes society, short stories, politics and literature. Be guided around Budapest with itineraries that few outsiders know about, plus the, more well known attractions seen through an alternative lens.

Private tour guide services and programs include:

 – Flexibile starting times, itineraries, and styles of sightseeing. We can start at 8.00 in the morning or 10.30. We can visit as much as possible, or just take a relaxed stroll around town,  have a quick sandwich for lunch while waiting for the tram under BudaCastle, have a hearty meal in a local diner with a chequered tablecloth, or enjoy one of the city’s many fine restaurants.

complete assistence during your stay, from organizing a cheap airport transfer to taking you out to experience some of the legendary night life of the ruined garden bars.

meaningful descriptions of monuments and sights, not just a few soundbites recited from memory.

– There’s an old Italian proverb which says “the world is beautiful because it’s different”. On that note, we’re proud to have fullfilled requests ranging from wheelchair tours to a taste of the city’s red light district

– Fluency in the difficult Hungarian language can help make your stay more comfortable and convenient.


Recommended tours include:

il Parlamento unghereseClassical Budapest, the essentials of Budapest in a nutshell with the pleasure of discovering hidden treasures right around the corner from the most famous and celebrated sights..


la sinagoga ortodossa, part.

The Jewish Quarter. This includes the triangle of synagogues, the winding streets of the inner Seventh District, street passages, markets, kosher pastry shops, even ritual baths, pop singers, and the ongoing re-purposing of buildings and public spaces. All this plus the story of three centuries rise and fall of the Jewish community in the heart of Europe.



Nyocker – the Eighth District, Arguably Budapest’s most lively area, filled with Roma culture,  vivid colours, magnificient abandoned buildings, visionary Art Deco, a monumental cemetery, and the stories of the old communities of immigrants (Galician Jews, Slovaks, Germans, Chinese – with the biggest Chinese market in Eastern Europe now situated in the field of the first railroad in Budapest), big abandoned factories that once made trams, cool and unknown underground pubs, the happiest tramps you’ll ever meet and the gentrification of the next hipsters’ district well underway.

 Agronomus fiu

Communist Budapest. A tour of the town recalling the fast history of the 20th century, with 6 months of the Soviet Republic in 1918, then Fascism, the siege of Budapest during WWII, Stalinism, the failed revolution of 1956, The Kadar era… with the signs (literally) still there on building facades – and on the faces of their inhabitants.

Bp VIII BarossAuthentic pub crawl. Beginning as early as the middle of the afternoon, a tour through some of the old bars and taverns you can still find in this town. They’re places where time has stopped, with old ladies gossiping at the counter, and plenty of wine and sparkling soda – think locals, warm colours and sense of being at home. You won’t find these spots in a typical tourist guidebook, we can guarantee you that..

L’altra Budapest was originally created in order to serve Italian tourists  but we now offer our services to English speaking travellers who seek original and authentic experiences.

mail: – mob: 0036-30-3819053


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